The Pertinent Facts About Me

I grew up in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, PA. I was an only child. My father was a steel worker and my mother was an Avon Lady until the day she died! It never felt like I was an only child because I had so many cousins who lived within walking distance and we always managed to do things together. 

I went to a Catholic Grade School that was connected with my Church and I also went to a Catholic High School. After that I went to Clarion University where I majored in Music, Chemistry and Education with a concentration in English. I became a teacher when I graduated at the consolidated grade school that was connected with my Church. To this day, I am the Director of Music at the Catholic Churches in the town where I grew up.

How I Came to Write

As for writing, I always loved it. From the time I was in grade school, I would write very short stories. As I grew older, I tried my hand at poetry and from there lyrics. That led me to compose music also.

I tried many years ago to write a novel with my best friend, Patricia, but when she died, so did the desire to finish that novel. It just wasn't the same. 

After I received my Masters in Management, I decided to begin writing again. The product of that endeavor is "for Love and Ransom." It was a great learning experience and such a feeling of accomplishment when it was finished. After "for Love and Ransom" many readers asked for a sequel and I began writing that. It took many years, many breaks, and many discussions with myself to finish it. Finally, "beyond Terror and Betrayal" was ready to make its debut.

What Is Yet To Come

One of my loves has always been the children I taught. I loved those grade levels, so as we speak, a new series geared to Middle School through Young Adult is now ready. It is titled "Protectors of the Stars The Invasion of the Endrothneans" and I can't wait for you to read it.